Cody Shoemaker, Popcorn Loft, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting 11/1/2023
HYBRID MEETING - Country Club of York and virtual on Zoom.
To view the virtual zoom meeting:
Cody Shoemaker, owner of The Popcorn Loft in York, grew up in Dover PA. After working in collegiate athletics for 10 years both in the Big Ten and the SEC, he realized he wanted to own his own business with his wife, Elaina. Cody and Eliana decided to move back to York and put down roots where they could raise their kids around family and in a community they love.
He shares the importance of working hard for what you earn and helping out those around you while making a positive impact in your community.  His message is one of hope, perseverance and inspiration that motivates people and helps them understand that we can do hard things when we believe in ourselves. 
TIME - In Person at CCY
11:30am  Arrival and fellowship, Lunch
12:15pm  President Aaron will begin meeting
1:15pm    Meeting adjourned
LUNCH TO INCLUDE: Sweet and Sour Pork; Chef's Choice of Starch, Fresh Fruit, Salad, Rolls, Beverages, and a Choice of Desserts
TIME - "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM:
11:45am  Log in and fellowship/networking on Zoom
12:15pm  Virtual Meeting to begin.  Program with Q&A until 1:15pm.