The restoration of the Road of Remembrance Veterans Memorial was done through the collaboration of the York, Southern York County, and Red Lion Rotary Clubs along with tremendous volunteer participation.  A Facebook page, titled Trees for the Trail, includes the details of the project.  Below are some of the many photographs taken by Ken Cooper and other volunteers.

Important Dates and Photographs

First Planting, October 14, 2018

Second Planting, March 31, 2019

Third Planting Planned for October 20, 2019

Dedication Ceremony on November 10, 2019

To see pictures from the tree plantings, click here!

Donors and Landowners Who Permitted Trees to be Planted

The planting of the trees was made possible by many individuals, businesses, service clubs, veterans groups, and grants.  Below is a list that continues to be updated as additional funds are donated to maintain the trees. 

Also provided are the names of the landowners who permitted the trees to be planted on their properties. 

Without all those who funded the restoration and the many landowners who joined this effort, these young trees would not be standing with the century sycamores to honor ALL of our York County veterans.

Financial Donors