Honduras Teacher Empowerment, Maxie Gluckman, Rotary Club of York PA, Virtual Meeting, 09/30/2020, Noon
To view this virtual meeting, visit:  https://youtu.be/h7UnZgOZllQ
TIME: 11:55am Log in, 12 Noon Meeting to begin, 
12:10pm Program with Q&A until approximately 1pm
Maxie Gluckman is a Ph.D. student in Education at the University of California, San Diego, Past President of the Rotary E-Club of San Diego Global, and the President and founder of Instructural, a small, women-owned consulting firm. 
Her talk focuses on an original Honduras grant which began three years ago providing professional development and leadership opportunities to teachers in rural Honduran schools. She reflects on the successes and learning which occurred, as well as the steps the program has taken towards sustainability. 
She looks forward at the new grant opportunity in a neighboring town. Finally, Maxie expands on how the program activities have evolved to the face of COVID-19.
Her experience as a former bilingual elementary educator through the Teach For America program led to her involvement in Honduras, where she has supported the Rotary-run Honduras Teacher Empowerment program. Her academic career has focused on education in emergencies for Central American minors in transit in Mexico. Her professional career includes over 10 years of experience in education development, curriculum design, teacher and leadership capacity development, and migration research.