Country Club of York
1400 Country Club Road
York, PA  17403
United States of America

The Lunch buffet opens 11:45am with the first bell at 12:15pm.

Program will be an Active Shooter Phenomenon by Doug Burig.

On almost a weekly basis, cities across America are thrust into National headlines as the latest mass shooting captures our attention and alters lives in those communities forever.  These incidents are occurring with increasing frequency causing people to wonder where the next one will occur.  Although it is not always possible to prevent these tragedies, there are actions that private and public-sector entities can take before an active shooter strikes to reduce the likelihood of an attack and mitigate the consequences of their actions.  Our speaker today is Major Douglas Burig, a member of the Pennsylvania State Police for over 24 years, where he currently serves as the Director of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  His responsibilities include statewide oversight of the investigative programs and specialized investigative resources for the nation’s 10th largest police agency including intelligence & counterterrorism; drug enforcement; organized crime; domestic security; computer crime; and covert operations, among others. Major Burig will discuss the threat posed to businesses by active shooters, recognizing potential warning signs of an attack, and the resources available to companies to counter this growing threat.  In addition to sharing his professional insight about this phenomenon, he will speak about his personal experiences from witnessing a mass shooting event in Central Pennsylvania.