New Member dues payment method
The club changed the way dues can be paid online using a credit card or Ach transaction (New). 
At the bottom of the email with your invoice, you will find a button “View & Pay Invoice”.
If you or your employer are paying in this manner, you MUST use this email or forward it to your accounting department for their use.  Do NOT use the  credit card payment method  found in the member area on this website.
If paying via credit card and you wish to "OPT OUT" of the Rotary Foundation donation, you must email me with this request when paying the invoice.  If you are paying by check, you must initial the bottom stub and return with your payment.
We have contracted with Quickbooks Payments to process these payments.  It will post your payment directly to our Quickbooks account eliminating double work for me as well as eliminate the confusion caused on the website by the erroneous balance shown.
Please contact Lynne with questions about your invoice.