The mission of our foundation is to provide the leadership, funding and resources necessary to support the local and global humanitarian efforts. At the Rotary Club of York we encourage every Rotarian to contribute to The Rotary Foundation every year (EREY- Every Rotarian Every Year).



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I contribute to our foundation?


A: Write a check made payable to the Rotary Foundation and give it to our club’s administrator, ask our club’s administrator to invoice your account, Don’t opt out of the $25 donation on your quarterly invoice, On the website under the Rotary Foundation click on “Way to give”




Q: What is a Paul Harris Fellow?


A: Any individual who contributes or in whose name is contributed a total of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation




Q: What is a Paul Harris Sustaining member?


A: Any individual who contributes at least $100 per year is a Paul Harris Sustaining member.



Q: What is the Paul Harris Society?


A: Any individual who agrees to contribute $1000 per year is named a member of The Paul Harris Society.




Q: What is a Benefactor?


A: Any individual who has included The Rotary Foundation in their will is a Benefactor.




Q: How are our contributions spent?


A: Every dollar we contribute this year will be allocated next year and distributed the following year. Administrative expenses are more than covered by the interest earned during that process. One half of our contributions goes to The World Fund and the other half is returned to our District to allocate to Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars, Peace and Conflict Resolution Scholars, District Humanitarian Grants, and District Simplified Grants