The Rotary Club of York is active in both local and international service

projects. In York County, our members develop, support and fundraise for

many worthwhile projects. Our members believe “Service Above Self” is not only a club motto but a true vocation.


You’ll find Rotary members digging wells, building schools, immunizing children, and organizing food drives. We’re building peace, empowering youth, and saving mothers and children. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 100 years ,and our impact on lives is unmistakable. 
We tackle the tough challenges in our communities with the same spirit of
determination. From giving young people the tools they need to resolve conflict peacefully to organizing health clinics for underserved women and
children, Rotary members are helping to improve lives in our own
Local Service Projects


On Saturday, October 20, 2018, The Rotary Club of York, PA's Preserve
Planet Earth Committee, members and families, assisted by cadets from
the Bearcat Battalion of York High's JROTC troop removed stumps, rocks,
bricks and concrete in existing tree wells to plant 22 trees in downtown
York. The 22 trees included a variety of species - Cleveland Pear, Lilac,
Hornbeam, and Linden Trees.
Special thinks to Rotarian Brian Mummert of W S Landscape Services
who procured the trees, provided the mulch and put in a full day delivering,
planting and cleaning up. Also, thanks to J T Hand and the York Water
Company for free direct delivery of water for all the trees.
Finally a BOO-RA gung-ho award to Dennis Baughman and John
Klinedienst who actually removed a dead tree by hand in order to plant a
new live on at the York Academy.

TREES FOR THE TRAIL - Renewing the Historical World War I

Remembrance Along the Southern Susquehanna Trail Between

York, PA and the Maryland Line.


The Trees for the Trail committee held the second planting on March 31,

2019.  With the assistance of Springfield Contractors, Shiloh Paving, and the

Penn Mar Organization, the Susquehannock High school baseball team, Boy

scout troop 50, Loganville 4H, Boy Scout troop 24, York County Prison Honor

Guard along with Rotary club members from York, Southern York County and

Red Lion-Dallastown among others, planted 76 sycamores and red & white



Planting permissions will be sought from landowners along the Trail and

fund raising will continue for the next planting scheduled for Sunday, October

20, 2019.Once the trees are all planted, there will be a dedication ceremony

on Sunday, November, 10, 2019

International Service Projects
When we commit to a cause, like eradicating polio, we don’t stop until it’s finished. Since 1979, we’ve raised millions of dollars, immunized billions of children, and put polio eradication on the agenda of governments around the world. Today, as a member of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we are “this close”  to reaching our goal. Three countries remain polio endemic, but we won’t stop until the disease is gone.