Michael Helfrich, Mayor York PA, Rotary Club of York, PA, Meeting March 30, 2022, Noon

To view the meeting: https://youtu.be/O_fakLS2Oao
The first public address of his second term, Mayor Michael Helfrich shares more information on the progress that is being made in York City, and the potential pitfalls and hurdles we may face as our city experiences a surge in the back-to-the-city movement. He will address the city's finances, safety, social issues, and economic development strategies. He also shares what he hopes to accomplish during the next four years.
LUNCH BUFFET TO INCLUDE: Burgers, Assorted Salads, Fresh Fruit, Rolls, Beverages and a Choice of Desserts
TIME - In Person at CCY
11:30am  Arrival and fellowship, Lunch BUFFET to open
12:15pm  President Jackie will begin meeting
1:15pm    Meeting adjourned
TIME - "Virtual" Audience on ZOOM:
11:45am  Log in and fellowship/networking on Zoom
12:15pm  Virtual Meeting to begin.  Program with Q&A until 1:15pm.