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The Rotary Club of York, PA, has had a long history of service to the City and surrounding area, particularly focused on disadvantaged children.  To celebrate, the Club has planned a number of projects during our 100th year that showcase some of our projects and that will expand our presence in the city.



We received the following email from Jacque Chapman, Executive Director of the Rotary Club of Beaumont, TX, to update us on their Hurricane Harvey recovery projects to which we donated over $19,000:
The week of Thanksgiving, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and did some work with them for a family or two.  One family in particular really touched our hearts.  It was an entire home re-build for a single mom and her family.  One child is autistic and was really having a difficult time being displaced from his home following the disaster.  With Habitat and some University construction management students, Rotarians were able to do a very quick turnaround for her and get them back into their rebuilt home before the holidays.  Not only was it a blessing to her but it was equally to the Rotarians who served.
In January, we partnered with a local health agency and provided winter coats for children who lost much of their personal belongings.  We were able to purchase hundreds of coats from Operation Warm (I'm sure you've heard of this Rotarian-started company) and gave those to children in need.  I know you are accustomed to hard winters and huge amounts of snow, but we aren't, and this project was done just ahead of a really cold winter blast and Beaumont's second snowfall of the year!  The coats were a welcomed gift to those children! 
We have been able to multiple the funds we have received many times over with matching grants from the District and the Zone so we have been doubly blessed in that regard also.  We selected two groups - UMCOR (Methodist organization) and Nehemiah's Vision - and have purchased massive amounts of sheetrock, tape, mud, nails, etc. for them to use in re-builds.  They routinely update us with their progress as they move from one home to the next.  They tell us they are scheduled through the year 2020 or longer.
While Rotarians have limited skills and stamina to do much of this sort of work, we do plan to do some hands-on work with them.  (York Rotarian) Trent Davis said he and “Servants” have been here and worked with Nehemiah's Vision before and will be returning.  I hope he lets us know when, so we can meet him and work together.   So, yes! when that happens we will claim it as a partnership
with the York Club, “Servants” and our Club!  I'll make sure you get photos of that event!
We have had such support and help, but we will never forget that York was the first club which directly responded to us and did so in such a HUGE way!
We will forever be grateful to you.


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